Thanks Billabong for your 10 years support!

Thanks Billabong for your 10 years support!


Thank you, thank you and thanks again to the whole Billabong crew, for the past 10 years of support, enthusiasm and commitment to this shared and collective cosmic dream

In 2006 we started creating a new event concept avoiding conventionality and competition use. Committed to bringing together the pioneers and families of surfing life, and focusing on the culture of surfing, the environment, the retro boards and music as a thread.

This surfer celebration of the summer solstice, became the first festival of the European season for the last 10 years. And the support of Billabong was key to grow from the national to the international scene. Today is a benchmark that has participants from different corners of the planet: Professional surfers get together with the retro surf lovers, families, surfing legends, gromets, mermaids, artists, shapers and rockaholics and influential characters of the surf culture from different generations.

In this eleventh edition Cosmic Children crew takes a new direction with its festival, with new players and fresh ideas.

We will be eternally grateful to Billabong and we want to make special to Sam Carrier and Dani Garcia, as well as other great professionals like Craig Sage, Carl Weisser, Reid Pinder, Rafa Vilallonga, Carmen Sainz, Dave Rastovich and many others.

Click here for photos and videos from previous editions

Stay tuned for upcoming cosmic news! The show must go on


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