Cosmic Itamambuca – Brazil

Cosmic Itamambuca – Brazil

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Retro Surfing, good music and better vibes on the first edition of the Cosmic Itamanbuca in Ubatuba, Brazil.

The first ever Cosmic Itamambuca at the Itamambuca Beach in Brasil was definitely one for the books. Unlike other surf contests, the Cosmic’s embody the memory of the early surf festivals, where the surfboards dominated the surf-shops and the spirit of fun was alive and well. Cosmic Itamambuca hosted by Vissla had that 70’s vibe.

Despite the rain on Saturday, the conditions were perfect, with waves around 1 meter and plenty of sandy beach for the spectators to enjoy. Competition was strong, but good, friendly vibes were stronger, and lasted all through the day and night. After the contest ended on Saturday, the stage moved from beach to Padang Pizzeria, where the band Salt Water Soul and surfer Teco Padaratz put on a memorable show for the participants, organizers, and guests. In the background of the music, guests enjoyed refreshing Coronas while watching Vissla Films’ “Dream Steeple” by Eddie Obrand and “The Surfer of Red Monoquilha” by Flamboiar.

As Sunday morning broke, the sun began shining, and conditions improved even more. Everyone was enjoying the 70’s style vibe of the contest, and the day couldn’t have gone better.

The highlights of Sunday were the bodysurfing heats, where competitors demonstrated with great enthusiasm and friendship, how much fun it can be to ride waves with nothing but a handplane and a pair of fins. These heats were judged by fellow competitors as well as bodysurfing legend Fuad Mansur, who provided great fun and personality to the judges table.

One of the many notable performances of the weekend was by Rio de Janeiro’s Marcelo Trekinho. Marcelo adapted to any board that he was given, performing maneuvers with great fluidity and style. He went home the winner of the Professional division, finishing ahead of other competitors Hizunomê Bettero, Tales Araujo and Wesley Leite.

Cosmic Itamambuca is unique in that it is one of the only contests that encourages a large variety of people to participate. Professionals and ameteurs alike competed in heats together, such as longboarder Alexandre Wolthers against Brazilian bi-champion Renato Galvao and the ISA World Junior Champion Wesley Dantas against São Paulo runner-up Wesley Leite. Even Vissla’s very own Andrew Serrano took part in the weekend. Standing as Contest Director, Andrew organized the surfboard “card draw,” where each contestant chose cards, and based on their selection, got to choose from a selection of retro-styled surfboards to ride.

As if the weekend wasn’t exciting enough, contest organizers also made an environmental imact. All of the trash that was created throughout the weekend was collected — 200 liters of waste was recycled, 50 liters of organic waste was turned into compost, and only a small amount of waste went to a landfill. On the beach, Vissla gave away 50 native plants, garbage bags for trash pick-up, ashtrays, and kits/informational books about environmental issues.


En definitiva, la primera edición del Cosmic Itamambuca en Brasil ha dejado huella en todos los allí presentes y estamos seguros que no será la última… Así que si vives en Brasil o te pilla de viaje por la zona ¡Mantente atento/a para el próximo año!

Menores de 16
1st – Alexander Salomão (UBA)
2nd – Daniel Ferlin (SAN)
3rd – Danilo V. Boas (UBA)
4th – João Paulo Alves (UBA)

Menores de 24
1st – Victor Lucas (SSB)
2nd – Alef Araújo (UBA)
3rd – Kelyrson Cypriano (UBA)
4th – Felipe Cunha (SP)

Menores de 34
1st – Victor Lucas (SSB)
2nd – Dulmar Simões (PAR)
3rd – Kassio Ribeiro (SAN)
4th – KIM (SAN)

Menores de 44
1st – Alvinho Correa (UBA)
2nd – Gilberto SPY (UBA)
3rd – Igor Mathey (UBA)
4th – Rafael Maldonado

+ de 45
1st – Marino Cezar (GUA)
2nd – Carlos Roberto (UBA)
3rd – Augusto Cesar (SAN)
4th – Alexandre Ponciano (UBA)

Creators & Innovators (Shapers)
1st – Alexandre Moliterno (UBA)
2nd – Felipe Lucas (SP)
3rd – Emerson Cortez (SAN)
4th – Augusto Motta (UBA)

1st – Alexandre Wolters (SAN)
2nd – Felipe Barone (UBA)
3rd – J.P. (UBA)
4th – Andrew Serrano (SAN)

1st – Marcelo Trekinho (RJ)
2nd – Wesley Leite (UBA)
3rd – Tales Araújo (UBA)
4th – Hizunomê Bettero (UBA)

Gracias a Vissla y a la Asociación de surfing de Ubatuba, al Ayuntamiento de Ubatuba, a la cervecera Corona, a los hermanos Acai & Fu-Wax paraffins por su apoyo.

Photos: Igor Moura & Renato Boulos