Alex Bauduin won the trip to the Mentawaii’s last year, see why he’s dying to go back to the King Millennium

Alex Bauduin won the trip to the Mentawaii’s last year, see why he’s dying to go back to the King Millennium

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The 2016 winner of the Cosmic Children retro series, Mr. Alex Bauduin, won one of the best trophies you could ever get, a trip onboard King Millennium vessel through the best spots of the Mentawai islands in Indonesia.


Cosmic Children: Hi Alex, You are the first winner of such a price, and thanks to the Cosmic Children Festival and courtesy of King Millennium you’ve done a trip of a life time.  Tells us about your experience in the Mentawai’s.

It has been a very Cosmic experience since I have never been on a trip like this. It was one of my best experiences. Being on the boat gives you the possibility to catch the best waves that’s on offer. We had such a good crew and the laughs were endless, plus  Mentawai is such a spectacular place to visit, not only for the surf, but also because of the landscapes, the places and the people. I would seriously recommend the trip and destination to any mate.

Cosmic Children:  How was it with the King Millennium crew? Did they treat you well? 

Couldn’t have had a better crew. They were all super attentive at all times, in addition to the crew there was a MasterChef, Eduardo, who prepared some impressive dinners. Manu Miguelez (big legend), the surf guide and photographer was on it every day to find us the perfect place to surf; And always made sure that the clients were well attended and creating a very good atmosphere. On the boat you can also make very good friends as you meet some amazing people; In the KingMilnium we were 10 customers and 7 of the crew. I am very grateful to have met them all and for this epic experience.

Cosmic Children: What waves did you surf? 

We surfed as much as we could. The first few days we were at HollowTrees, then at Bintangs  which is on the other side of the island. And we also surfed in Macarronis, Roxys and finally in Thunders down south.

Cosmic Children: What is your favourite wave?

 I will definitely go with Macarronis. For me its one of the funest waves in the world. Although I liked them all a lot.

Cosmic Children:  What quiver did you take with you?

5.10 Superbrand (the toy)

Superbrand burnside

6.1 Superbrand burnside

6.3 Superbrand burnside

Cosmic Children: What else would you say that stood out apart from surfing in Mentawaii?

 Mentawaii has many amazing dive sites to the coral reef and you can find  thousands of different species that were amazing to watch.

Cosmic Children: Was there anything you didn’t do in mentwaii which you would have liked to?

Well I would have liked to have had a couple of bigger swells. Also I have a lot of desire to surf greenbush, but next time it will be.

Cosmic Children: Is there anything could you recommend to the next Cosmic winner to take with him/she? 

Take as many boards as you can hahaha There are too many beautiful waves and some might break a couple of your boards. Also don’t forget suncare and eye drops as you fully burn your eyes after surfing all day. The most important thing you need is the desire to have a good time. Thanks to the fantastic team of King Milenium and cosmic children  for making this trip an unforgettable experience and leaving me so hungry to repeat it next year.

Thanks to you Alex for coming to the Cosmic Children Festival and for showing us your surfing.

We saw you signed in for 2017 edition so see you next Friday  (June 16th) at the lighthouse of Santander and Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th at Liencres beach (Canallave). We look forward to see again your best surfing “BE COSMIC MY FRIEND

Meet the canarian Yeray Garcia, last year’s winner of Shred Your Shape

Meet the canarian Yeray Garcia, last year’s winner of Shred Your Shape

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Young gun Yeray Garcia from Caleta Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, is been surfing since 9 and shaping boards since 17. He is back to the Cosmic Children Festival with his own shapes to enter the Shred Your Shape contest between round the world shapers, and also for the single fin and twin fin sessions.

If you want to read the whole interview you’ll have to learn some spanish or google-translate it. yeeeeeew

Cosmic Children: ¿Cómo y cuándo te surgió la idea y la oportunidad de shapear tu primera tabla?

Yeray: Siempre me ha gustado ser un manitas , una vez leí en alguna revista que todo surfer debería shapear una tabla en su vida , pues así lo hice y la sensación que tuve fue tan buena que me quise dedicar a esto.

Cosmic Children: Siendo tan joven, ¿Empezaste haciendo tablas sólo para ti o ya tenias la idea de dedicarte a esto como profesión?


Yeray: Empecé hacer tablas para mí ya que no tenía ayudas ni sponsor y con el tiempo fui mejorando cada vez más, poniéndole mucha dedicación y tiempo.

Cosmic Children: ¿Tiene futuro el shaper artesano y de tablas custom o la tecnología se lo devora todo?

Yeray: Bueno me gustaría poder llegar a trabajar en un futuro en alguna fábrica grande como shaper oficial pero siempre seguiré haciendo tablas de modo artesano .

Cosmic Children: Y Canarias. Parece que en muy poco tiempo se han creado nuevos talleres y están saliendo shapers muy jóvenes, ¿Crees que esto es vital para seguir subiendo el nivel del surfing en las islas?

Si la verdad es que ha crecido mucho la cultura del surfing y eso a llevado a que mucha gente pruebe a hacer tablas y muchos de ellos les gusta tanto que empiezan a dedicarse a esto, es vital para subir el nivel de surfing en las islas.

Cosmic Children: ¿Y qué piensas sobre un evento como el Cosmic Children? ¿Crees que es necesario un formato como este para que los niños crezcan empapándose de cultura surf o sólo les recomiendas pura competición?

Yeray: El Cosmic Children para mi es un evento especial no solo por tener un formato totalmente diferente a los otros campeonatos si no porque efectivamente transmite una cultura de surfing increíble y autentica, enseña a todos a no olvidar de donde viene el surf y con ello todo lo que tiene que ver con la historia de las tablas de surf y el Shape.

Cosmic Children: ¿Qué tipo de tablas te traes para esta nueva edición del “Shred Your Shape”? el año pasado quedaste campeón por delante de grandes surfers y shapers pero algunos utilizasteis thrusters (algo inédito en el Cosmic hasta la fecha), pero este año se os acabó el chollo pues solo podréis surfear con tablas retro


Yeray: Si el año pasado no pude llevar todas las tablas que quería ya que luego iba a un viaje largo a México y solo lleve tablas grandes para Puerto Escondido aún así puede ganar , pero este año me he preparado dos joyitas muy guapas un twinfin de Mark Richards con una pintada a lo Martín Potter y un single muy diferente a lo que se suele ver, se puede decir que es sorpresa.

Cosmic Children: Bueno Yeray, esperamos verte pronto por Liencres y te deseamos buena suerte tanto en el Shred Your Shape y el resto de las pruebas de Single Fin y Retros, como en tu futuro como surfer y shaper

Yeray: Mil gracias a vosotros un saludo muy grande desde el pequeño taller de JFBsurfboards .

Show us your best surf and win a trip on King Millenium

Show us your best surf and win a trip on King Millenium

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Fancy a Surf Charter aboard King Millenium to Telo, Nias & Mentawa ns Sumatra, Indonesia. If you are the lucky one to win the Pro final of the Cosmic Children 2016, you will be head up to some of the finest waves on Earth.

Best surfers from every different category will enter a great final in which will be decided who is the best rider and the greatest performance. Pro surfers of all ages and genders will go Single Fin or Twin Fin to get the prize.
Special thanks to David Valladares and Poti for becoming part of our little Cosmic dream, and their awesome collaboration on the 11th Edition of the festival with such an incredible prize.
Wanna know what this chart includes and not includes? Click here

Long life and prosper to the KM and good luck with the waves to the lucky winner.

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Photos: Great surfers such as Pablo Guti, J.M. Cabrera, Gony, David or Poti are on this pics. We bet they are all willing to surf their best to repeat their odissey at the King Millenium.