Nuestro surf se entiende mejor con una buena banda sonora. El rock and roll nos da la vida.

Para el X aniversario contamos como cada año con bandas cargadas de ritmo, salitre y fiesta explosiva. Un cartel divertido y de auténtico lujo.

Surferos tocando rock ,y rockeros tocando surf. Algunos acostumbrados a llenar estadios, otros solo pequeños garitos o festivales de surfing.  Todos con ganas inmensas de Cosmic Children:

Los Derrumbes

The Black Keys tribute - The Garage Van

The Cosmic Children Band

Cosmic Jam

Bailes polinesios / hawaianos - Ariadna y Yunick

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THE GIGS (miembros de The Puzzles en su versión Acústica)

DJ JIMI CAN (Bristol)

DJ HUGO CHAS (Galicia)

El programa que se come la lluvia

El programa que se come la lluvia

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El viernes tenemos un jugoso programa para los paladares más exquisitos. El sábado y domingo daremos luz y color a la playa de Liencres. Luchamos contra viento y marea para que la maquinaria cósmica funcione a todo trapo.

Echa un vistazo al programa, coge tu tabla y ven para que no te lo cuenten. Si te lo pierdes, puedes acabar el resto del año buscándonos en la tele como esta niña… miedooooo

LA FIESTA (the Party)

LA FIESTA (the Party)

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Music for the Cosmic Children is like the waves to the sea. 

We could not live without music, therefore every new edition we try to bring fresh and promising bands related to the surf culture. Paellas, sangria, surf films, and lot of friends will join:


This talented australian will begin his European Summer Tour at the Cosmic Children Festival, fully charging. Tom uses the latest in loop pedal technology to create a wall of sound, overdubbing four part vocal harmoniescomplicated percussion grooves and lead and rhythm guitar parts, all live on stage. While live looping may not be a new phenomenon, rather than focusing on laying down one continuous groove, Tomdances around the stage, using his feet to create different song sections, starting, stopping and layering various instruments as he goes.



New rythms coming from Santander with DJ & Producer Chema Armengou, power mixing different music styles along with his band, the violonchelist Pilar Merodio, vocals and keyboards Ana Ibáñez and trompetist Sergio Mayoral. A real show, not to be missed.


The resident band that gave the name to a surfing festival. Surfing pioneers in Spain such as Jose Manuel Merodio (Bass and vocals) and Manel Fiochi (Guitar and vocals), Berto and Javi Ariño (keyboards and drums) and the cosmic kid, Javi Cantera (vocals and guitar). They just get together once a year to play 70s covers and give a real tribute to the surf culture.


The beautiful Ariadna and her dancing crew are a live tribute to the deepest roots of surfing culture with their sweet polinesian and hawaian dance. A real must if you come to the CCF.



The Bristol (UK) based musician comes every year to his home land, leaving his projects and bands aside for his yearly dj sessions at the Cosmic Children. We couldn’t have a better soundtrack.


Young surfer and formal member of Alpha State, will play some classic tunes.


DJ’s insane combo, sound system fans, will bring the best reagge music to Liencres beach.