Surfboards & fins tests

Surfboards & fins tests

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Testing Stations

Cosmic this year, we will have some surfboards, fins and hand planes to test in Liencres beach.

As in previous editions, you will be able to try out some new creatures provided by Pukas, Ahau, MW Surfboards and Donald Brink himself put some boards available to participants to test the fluidity of retro, experimental and asymmetric. This year we will also have some hand-planes shapers such as Michael Kenney and fin makers such as the local Macho brothers from Macho Fins, a local manufacturer spreading their stoke tru the globe delighting riders as Leah Dawson.

This weekend you will be able to ask all these great shapers for they give advice on shapes that best suit your surfing.

Find out a few examples of handmade beauties and their construction process:



Getting ready for Cosmic 2016

Getting ready for Cosmic 2016

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Get ready for the surfing fiesta next June 17th to 19th!

This year will be the last one… Well, that’s what we scream out loud after holding the event for 10 consecutive years as if there was no tomorrow. Post-cosmic hangover normally leaves us no strength to go for a new edition. Specially as  work and family commitments boost up year after year. But there comes this moment when we started getting calls and encouraging comments from brands and people we love, telling us about their stoke with the things we do, and then we try to find just enough energy to go for a new edition.

This year was no different. In 2015 we had already completed a 10 years cycle. We found a good way to say goodbye, feeling proud of what we accomplished: Organize a retro and experimental surf event, that brought together surfer families of up to 3 generations, amateur surfers, retro surf lovers, Pro’s of different nationalities and generations. Creating a great vibe for everyone involved, from the grommet to the oldest surfers of the beach. Proud to pay tribute to the pioneers of surfing that no one had ever devoted a word or trophy for their exploits. Therewith, to unite the past, present and future of the most inspiring characters of the surf culture.

The first thing that comes to mind whenever we start preparing a new edition is always all good, great moments, friends and surfers have been able to gather on the same beach to enjoy this tribute to the surf and waves. Always we remember the countless sessions of surfing on some of the first surfboards ever manufactured in Europe. Memorable parties, rock & roll at the Beachfront, awesome Super 8 movies to the starlight, and endless anecdotes.

On the other hand, we also think of the great effort and endless hours of work that leads to program, lovingly prepared and organized to the last detail our little cosmic dream that was built from scratch 11 years ago. Back in the days, it took a win for people and sponsors to trust and go for it. Today has become a source of inspiration for many other festivals an events.

Despite the good critique, the festival always find great obstacles and roadblocks, seriously discouraging our continuity to this. But facing of adversity and moments of weakness we grow. Especially when in time to give a last goodbye to cosmic, we received a couple of unexpected calls from two premium brands, that gave us back the faith and the desire to return to the fray with more desire and motivation than ever. Brands that love the philosophy of the event and believe they can bring renewed energy and a touch of freshness to it.


Our main sponsor is a great brand despite their youth. Vissla is taking the laurels in the industry winning the SIMA AWARDS as best brand of the year in USA. They convey very aligned philosophy with Cosmic Children for two slogans represent perfectly our understanding of the south and the idea of festival:

“Creators & Innovators” representing the creative freedom of custom and innovative shapers.

“Surf ride everything & anything” encouraging surf all types of waves with all kinds of tables.


Guess we don’t need to present the leader in automotive committed to promote its Class V and Marco Polo Activity in a core event rather than making unrealistic adverts using the image of surfing as a total fake. Mercedes-Benz will be our official vehicle.

We are proud to have these two great brands supporting, and all the rest of sponsors and collaborators.

We would also thank you in advance for coming and join us this year. We hope to keep the stoke and continue to offer a great show. Surfing in its purest form.

Raul, Javi and the rest of the Cosmic Crew!

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Last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful 9th edition of the CCF. While we get and choose a selection of pictures to share with you, we want to thank all surfers and festival makers for attending and participating. And each and every one of you who have supported us with your effort and work to make the 2014 edition shine in all its glory. The list would very long to mention but we want to give our special gratitude to all members of the staff and organization, including Domoshpere and Crayolaser crew during the assembly and set up, and everyone who taught the different workshops such as painting, yoga, Hawaiian dance, chi kun; and also Olas Sin Barreras and Special Surf School for bringing surfing to those with dissabilities and more difficulties for it.

We want to special thank our main sponsor Billabong for supporting us for 9 consecutive years. All institutions such as Pielagos Council, the Cantabrian Surfing Federation, Liencres village Council, the Government of Cantabria; all different shapers from different board brands comming, such as Styling, GoldBeach, Ahau, Enjoy Your Surroundings and Pukas, D’Blanc, Miller Division, Anloran (for offering this a surfari in Maldives for two persons). Cota Zero Restaurant, Estrella Galicia and Cabreiroá, and Machete Co. We also want to thank Tapptica Mobile Solutions for the new responsive website, and the new marketing and communication campaign.