2014 has been pure passion for the surf culture

Surfing legends, european shapers, surfer families, artists and charismatic persons from the surfing culture got together in Liencres (Spain) to celebrate the first and best summer party we could ever dream of.

Santander, 17-June-2014.

9 yrs after Raúl García and Javi Cantera began with their cosmic dream, surfers from around the world came to celebrate the summer solstice to Liencres.

Over 250 participants and tons of festival goers from different regions and countries including Australia, California, Canadá, Brasil, UK and most European countries. Some like Carwyng Williams, first european professional surfer, the australian Craig Sage Mundaka’s surf pioneer, or some other professional surfers such as the australian Sam Carrier were among other surfing legends, having a hell of a time. The cosmic fiesta began Saturday morning and fisnished next Sunday with a wild night included. You better quit reading and check out the above video to have some little taste of it.

Now just make sure you don’t miss the 10th edition.