Last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful 9th edition of the CCF. While we get and choose a selection of pictures to share with you, we want to thank all surfers and festival makers for attending and participating. And each and every one of you who have supported us with your effort and work to make the 2014 edition shine in all its glory. The list would very long to mention but we want to give our special gratitude to all members of the staff and organization, including Domoshpere and Crayolaser crew during the assembly and set up, and everyone who taught the different workshops such as painting, yoga, Hawaiian dance, chi kun; and also Olas Sin Barreras and Special Surf School for bringing surfing to those with dissabilities and more difficulties for it.

We want to special thank our main sponsor Billabong for supporting us for 9 consecutive years. All institutions such as Pielagos Council, the Cantabrian Surfing Federation, Liencres village Council, the Government of Cantabria; all different shapers from different board brands comming, such as Styling, GoldBeach, Ahau, Enjoy Your Surroundings and Pukas, D’Blanc, Miller Division, Anloran (for offering this a surfari in Maldives for two persons). Cota Zero Restaurant, Estrella Galicia and Cabreiroá, and Machete Co. We also want to thank Tapptica Mobile Solutions for the new responsive website, and the new marketing and communication campaign.


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