We are proud to present the new format of the COSMIC CHILDREN FESTIVAL 2017



After 11 years of event, the XII Cosmic Children Festival will remain with the same free spirit but implementing new fresh ideas and a new format of competition.

We add some new categories and expression sessions with retro or experimental boards. Judges will keep a closer eye on every heat because best surfers will be selected for a final. Although you wont feel the pressure of a regular heat, you will have to do your best in order to get to a great bunch of prizes.

You might enter to participate in 2 different levels:

Surfers Pros – Those who live or have been living out of surfing.

Surfers Amateurs – All the other surf lovers.

Pro’s and Amateurs will enter to surf together, although scoring will be different for each level. Fort he first time Amateurs might be able to surf with their surfing icons and having a great chance to score and be the best in their category.

In 2017 we will celebrate a Great final for each level:

Pro´s Final
1º Single Fin Pros
1º Twifin Pros
1º Grommet Pros
1º Ladies Pro
1º Legends Pro
Total 5 surfers / 10 waves per surfer / 2 best scores / 30min.

Amateurs Final
1º Single Fin Amateurs
1º Twifin Amateurs
1º Grommet Amateurs
1º Fémina Amateurs
1º Veterano Amateurs
Total 5 surfers / 10 waves per surfer / 2 best scores / 30min.

This new format will let us enjoy the surfing of the best riders of the event, bringing together the past, present and future of surfing on the same final.

Original and replica boards are allowed. Although surfing with real old retro boards will give extra points.

• Single Fin
Surfing with just one fin on your board.

• Twin Fin
Surfing sessions with twinfins, bonzers, quads

• Grommets
Surfers under 14 years old going retro.

• Cosmic Lolitas

Female surfers going retro.

• Veterans
+50 yrs old with their own boards.

Some of the best shaping gurus will compete with their own creations. Pure comp that will split in 2 categories:
• Professional Shapers – Those who live from the surfboard fabrications.
• Surfers – those who shaped their own board.

Up to three generations of the same family of surfers will star in this session, where grampa’s, parents and sons will compete against the rest in a fun atmosphere.

Each team will have:
4 riders: Must be direct members of the family. Parents, Grandpas, sons.
2 waves each surfer
1 Capitan per team (will score DoUble Wave in his best wave). Hands up once he finish the wave to score Doble.
Time: 40 min. (10 min. each rider, depending on weather conditions)

Extra Points:
3 generations of surfers in one family = +3 points.
Original Single Fin or Retro = +1 extra point each rider.
Finishing tag team in 1st position = +3 pts
Finishing tag team on the last position = – 3 pts

All finless and experimental surfboards and softboards allowed.
Classic and progressive surfing permited..
No more rules.

Body surfing expression session. Fins and hand planes allowed.

20 min heats. 5 surfers máximum per heat.

Scoring and Extra Bonus
Original retro surfboards from the 60’s to 80’s = 2 points extra (Added to the points obtained in your best 2 waves).
Scoring System– Classic surf, style and manouvers will be better rated.
Points – Every surfer will score the best 2 waves.
Women surfers in the final will start with 3 extra points
Veteran surfers in the final will start with 2 extra points.


Retro Sessions
The Amateur Surfer and Pro Surf with higher scoring in their category will get into the great final.

1st classified in the Pro´s Final – Boat Trip to Mentawai islands courtesy of King Millenium.(see whats included and not included)
1st surfer classified in Amateur Final – Surfcamp in Maldives Islands, courtesy of Natural Surf House (see whats included and not included)
1st Grommet Pro – 1 Miller Division Surf Skate
1st Grommet Amateur – 1 Vissla wetsuit.

Shred Your Shape by VISSLA
1st Pro Shaper 500 €
2nd Pro Shaper -300 €
3rd Pro Shaper – 200 €

4th Pro Shaper – 100 €
1st Amateur Shaper – Miller Division Surf Skate

Tag Team Families
Custom made surfboard made in “Enjoy Your Surroundings” and the Factory of “Pukas Surfboards” in Zarautz. They will be able to build their dream surfboard.

Pura Vida (Fancy Dress) Tag Team
1st Team. Give aways from our sponsors.

Mermaids & Torpedos Expression Session
A Special Dafin & Vissla Edition pair of fins for the winner.

Estrambotika Expression Session
1st Surfer: Alaia plank made by Matia Zulberty, MW Surfboards.
2nd Surfer: Miller Division Longskate.

As every year, all relevant categories will have hand crafted trophies made with love by Ahau Surfboards.

Therewith, some of the best categories will win the incredible Macho Fins, and then some longskates provided by Miller Division.



The scariest, sexiest, funniest and weirdest fancy dressess will meet again at the tag-team Pura Vida. Rewards to the best psychedeliest outfits and best surf.
No rules.