Dream Steeple Santander lighthouse the 17th

Dream Steeple Santander lighthouse the 17th

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Dream Steeple



Premiered last June 9 in California, and presented by Vissla for the first for Europe inside the lighthouse of Santander during the Cosmic Children Festival 2016, the film directed by Eddie Obrand and executive produced by the legendary Paul Naude and Vince De la Pena, shows a combination of classic and progressive surf featuring a star cast consisting of Bryce Young, Eric Geiselman, Brendon Gibbens, Cam Richards, Derrick Disney, Andrew Jacobson, Corey Colapinto, and artists like Jay Nelson, Travis Reynolds, Jeff McAllum. Embarking on a journey through California, Mexico, Indonesia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Australia, watching this movie is a must.
















Cosmic Sounds for 2016

Cosmic Sounds for 2016

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Excited and frightened with the Cosmic sounds and melodies we have already set for the 2016 edition. Honored to have the following bands and share our stoke with you folks.




los estanques




Jimi Can


Mario Azurza - El Ciruelo

Get ready to get wild!



Cosmic Children

Mango Surf House

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The 11th Cosmic Children Festival will take you to the Earthly heaven along with Mango Surf House to the Maldives north atoll, where worldwide re-known long and peeling waves are waiting for you to come.


Yeah you read well. Now to win this prize you have to flow with your retro board like a hawaian king, and you’ll be able to enjoy the real surfing paradise.


The new competition format has an Amateur surfing division on which the best amateur surfer of each category (Single Fin, Twin Fin, Girl, Grommet and Veteran)  will get into a final participate, where 5 differently aged and sex surfers will try their best surfing in order to achieve the irresistible price that our partner Mango Surf House is offering this year:

1 Surf Camp with a 10 days stay at their Villa (Check below all its included with this price).


No doubt this is the best price that can be offered to any surfer eager to surf all day long.


We want to give special thanks to Nacho Osuna (Mango Surf House) for such a collaboration with the Cosmic Children Festival 2016.

Long live to MSH and good waves for the winner!



Cosmic Children Mango Surf
Cosmic Children Mango Surf
Cosmic Children Mango Surf
Cosmic Children Mango Surf
Cosmic Children Mango Surf







The stay should be from 1st March til 31st October 2016, upon availability for requested date and number of customers.



IT INCLUDES (An All-included Package worth 100 US $ person/day)


*Airport picking-up.


*Double or square accommodation,with bathroom and AC.


*Full board (3 food per day, early morning snack),coffee, tea and water everyday.


*European Surf Guide (ISA Coaching & Instructing Certificate)


*2-3 surf sessions with transport to the Malé North waves.


*Local Taxes.



*Airflights from Europe to Maldives.

*Airport transport – Surf Camp – Airport (round trip)


1 surfer ……………….. 200 US$

2 surfers ……………… 100 US$

3 surfers ………………… 75 US$

4 surfers ………………… 65 US$




* 20US$ no-limit WIFI connection.


* Video and Photo shooting.

Leon goes Cosmic

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Amateur Shapers Welcome to the Cosmic Children 2016

All amateur shapers or surfers that made their very first board, will be welcome on board to participate on the Shred Your Shapes event presented by VISSLA.

We are excited to announce this contest, and very proud to see how #CreatorsandInnovators such as the 12 yrs old grom Leon Agurruza from the Canary Islands, is shaping his first single-fin to come and participate. Good Luck everyone!

Música: Percal – Los Estanques*

*If you like the soundtrack of this video, you might see the band live at the 2016 edition. They really rock!


Show us your best surf and win a trip on King Millenium

Show us your best surf and win a trip on King Millenium

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Fancy a Surf Charter aboard King Millenium to Telo, Nias & Mentawa ns Sumatra, Indonesia. If you are the lucky one to win the Pro final of the Cosmic Children 2016, you will be head up to some of the finest waves on Earth.

Best surfers from every different category will enter a great final in which will be decided who is the best rider and the greatest performance. Pro surfers of all ages and genders will go Single Fin or Twin Fin to get the prize.
Special thanks to David Valladares and Poti for becoming part of our little Cosmic dream, and their awesome collaboration on the 11th Edition of the festival with such an incredible prize.
Wanna know what this chart includes and not includes? Click here

Long life and prosper to the KM and good luck with the waves to the lucky winner.

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Photos: Great surfers such as Pablo Guti, J.M. Cabrera, Gony, David or Poti are on this pics. We bet they are all willing to surf their best to repeat their odissey at the King Millenium.

Shred Your Shape by Vissla

Shred Your Shape by Vissla

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A new feature this year at the Cosmic Children Festival is the Creators and Innovators Shred Your Shape by Vissla. A new division which invites Pro Shapers to show what they can do on their own craft in their own surf event. Already confirmed are  international shapers from around Europe and abroad such as Donald Brink (California), Taz Yassin (Canary Islands), Christian Bradley (Australia/France), Mark Phipps  (Australia/France) Phil Grace  (Australia/France) , Damien Marly (France), Kinich Ahau (Spain), Kike Panera (Spain), Marcus Lascelles (England) and Matia  Zulberti (Italy), to name just a few with more to come.These Creators & Innovators will ride a craft they shaped themselves inspired by the late 60’s to 90’s time period and will be judged on a mix of performance and style with cash prizes.

The Amateur Shred Your Shape event will be open to anyone that has ever shaped a surfboard, with the only condition being that you must ride your own board. If you have ever shaped a board, come on down and show us what you can do on it! If you have made at least 50% of the board you surf, you are welcome to enter.  There will also be a Creators & Innovators tent where you can demo boards from Donald Brink, Taz, Matia Zulberti and many others.

Pre-register here

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Stocked to receive the first pictures of the youngest shaper amateur that will participate in the Cosmic 2016: Leon Agurruza. 12 years old. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Photos: Raquel Chicheri

COSMIC events around the world

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2016 will be a COSMIC endless summer through the US, Spain, Costa Rica and a few more in the southern hemisphere. These are the countries chosen for the celebration of the different Cosmic’s 2016 presented by Vissla. Retro and experimental surfboards, pure surfing, and the best soundtrack will be their common leitmotif.

Cosmic Creek in Dana Point (California) May 22 to 23: Cosmic events will start in one of the world surfing meccas. Place inhabited by strange human beings with large aquatic skills and many hours surfing on their backs.

Cosmic Children Festival, Santander & Liencres, Spain, June 17 to 19. The soul-surfing fiesta that you wouldn’t like to miss.

Cosmic Hermosa, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, July 2. I will definetely be a Pura Vida event.

3 new Cosmic events will be celebrated this year in some pretty cosmic locations of the Southern Hemisphere. Stay tuned for further updates.

In the next few days we will continue revealing some other big and juicy news.

Hasta la vista.

Cosmic Creek 2016 posterPoster-Cosmic-2016Cosmic Hermosa 2016


Getting ready for Cosmic 2016

Getting ready for Cosmic 2016

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Get ready for the surfing fiesta next June 17th to 19th!

This year will be the last one… Well, that’s what we scream out loud after holding the event for 10 consecutive years as if there was no tomorrow. Post-cosmic hangover normally leaves us no strength to go for a new edition. Specially as  work and family commitments boost up year after year. But there comes this moment when we started getting calls and encouraging comments from brands and people we love, telling us about their stoke with the things we do, and then we try to find just enough energy to go for a new edition.

This year was no different. In 2015 we had already completed a 10 years cycle. We found a good way to say goodbye, feeling proud of what we accomplished: Organize a retro and experimental surf event, that brought together surfer families of up to 3 generations, amateur surfers, retro surf lovers, Pro’s of different nationalities and generations. Creating a great vibe for everyone involved, from the grommet to the oldest surfers of the beach. Proud to pay tribute to the pioneers of surfing that no one had ever devoted a word or trophy for their exploits. Therewith, to unite the past, present and future of the most inspiring characters of the surf culture.

The first thing that comes to mind whenever we start preparing a new edition is always all good, great moments, friends and surfers have been able to gather on the same beach to enjoy this tribute to the surf and waves. Always we remember the countless sessions of surfing on some of the first surfboards ever manufactured in Europe. Memorable parties, rock & roll at the Beachfront, awesome Super 8 movies to the starlight, and endless anecdotes.

On the other hand, we also think of the great effort and endless hours of work that leads to program, lovingly prepared and organized to the last detail our little cosmic dream that was built from scratch 11 years ago. Back in the days, it took a win for people and sponsors to trust and go for it. Today has become a source of inspiration for many other festivals an events.

Despite the good critique, the festival always find great obstacles and roadblocks, seriously discouraging our continuity to this. But facing of adversity and moments of weakness we grow. Especially when in time to give a last goodbye to cosmic, we received a couple of unexpected calls from two premium brands, that gave us back the faith and the desire to return to the fray with more desire and motivation than ever. Brands that love the philosophy of the event and believe they can bring renewed energy and a touch of freshness to it.


Our main sponsor is a great brand despite their youth. Vissla is taking the laurels in the industry winning the SIMA AWARDS as best brand of the year in USA. They convey very aligned philosophy with Cosmic Children for two slogans represent perfectly our understanding of the south and the idea of festival:

“Creators & Innovators” representing the creative freedom of custom and innovative shapers.

“Surf ride everything & anything” encouraging surf all types of waves with all kinds of tables.


Guess we don’t need to present the leader in automotive committed to promote its Class V and Marco Polo Activity in a core event rather than making unrealistic adverts using the image of surfing as a total fake. Mercedes-Benz will be our official vehicle.

We are proud to have these two great brands supporting, and all the rest of sponsors and collaborators.

We would also thank you in advance for coming and join us this year. We hope to keep the stoke and continue to offer a great show. Surfing in its purest form.

Raul, Javi and the rest of the Cosmic Crew!

Soul Surfing, Music, Beach Life

Thanks Billabong for your 10 years support!

Thanks Billabong for your 10 years support!

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Thank you, thank you and thanks again to the whole Billabong crew, for the past 10 years of support, enthusiasm and commitment to this shared and collective cosmic dream

In 2006 we started creating a new event concept avoiding conventionality and competition use. Committed to bringing together the pioneers and families of surfing life, and focusing on the culture of surfing, the environment, the retro boards and music as a thread.

This surfer celebration of the summer solstice, became the first festival of the European season for the last 10 years. And the support of Billabong was key to grow from the national to the international scene. Today is a benchmark that has participants from different corners of the planet: Professional surfers get together with the retro surf lovers, families, surfing legends, gromets, mermaids, artists, shapers and rockaholics and influential characters of the surf culture from different generations.

In this eleventh edition Cosmic Children crew takes a new direction with its festival, with new players and fresh ideas.

We will be eternally grateful to Billabong and we want to make special to Sam Carrier and Dani Garcia, as well as other great professionals like Craig Sage, Carl Weisser, Reid Pinder, Rafa Vilallonga, Carmen Sainz, Dave Rastovich and many others.

Click here for photos and videos from previous editions

Stay tuned for upcoming cosmic news! The show must go on