Asier Ibañez won the trip to the Maldives

Asier Ibañez won the trip to the Natural Surf House of Maldives at the Cosmic Children 2016 and had one of the greatests experiences ever.


Last year he made it through the Amateurs division taking the two highest scores in the Twin fin category, and facing the final to the Canary Yeray Garcia, the Californian Hanna Babari and Vissla’s grom Leon Agurruza. Asier is dying to go back to the Natural Surf House, and willing to do anything it takes to win this 2017 edition.

If you want to go to the pristine waters and peeling maldivian waves, and stay in the Natural Surf house, make sure you do your best at the Cosmic retro sessions next June 17th and 18th in Liencres.



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