Apart from surfing, free love and rock & roll we try to send out a message of care and respect for our environment.

JUNE 16th – Santander

In a unique location such as the beautiful lighthouse of Santander, we are organizing some activities  such as the environmental clinic from surfer Dr. Juan José Gonzalez Trueba from Time for Wavesa non-profit organization dedicated to the assessment, protection and sustainable management of waves and coastal environments worldwide. We inspire change through direct collaboration with local communities, innovation and activism in favor of heritage conservation and the strategic use of a natural, sporting, socio-economic and cultural resource.

Creators & Innovators from different countries will join us and show some of their eco-creatures and latest artefacts.


Since 2006 that we began with our first edition,  we have been promoting respect for our beaches, coastlines and the sea, with the aim of raising awareness among the youngsters. We organized several environmental activities and supported different NGO’s related to this matters.

Plastic and Petrol effects on marine environments: Oceanographer and big wave surfer Dr. Tony Butt.

Shaper’s Clinics presenting Eco-Surfboards: 99% organic wooden surfboards will be presented by Ahau Surfboards (Santander) and Flama Surfboards (Barcelona). New trends, new shapes, new materials will be presented by Donald Brink (California) and Matia Zulberti (Italy).

Plastic Clean up Contests Every year we organize massive clean up contest for the kids in Liencres beach. We have give aways as a reward to all young participants.

Cosmic tea: We produce and share our freshly made tea, as we heat it just with the energy from the stars… Give ir a try to our delicious sun-tea. It’s free.

Beach Clinics: Sustainable eco-constructions by the sea.

Films of environmental concerns produce by different NGO’s such as Surfrider Foundation.

Help us to create new initiatives with your suggestions and ideas.