About Us

The Cosmic Children Surf Club was born to connect the past, present and future of surf culture.  It has always being focused  in preserving the culture of surfing in its purest form, ranging from classic and retro surf, to the more contemporary and experimental.

We aim to keep meeting and sharing some good times with our friends, some of them professional surfers, artists, film-makers, musicians, environmental activists, but most of all, charismatic surfers from the counter culture surf scene. Surfers of all ages and different generations willing to celebrate life at its best.

We have been over 11 yrs on the go, and we are very happy for being able to keep sharing our environmental concerns with a wide range of activities, and support to different causes releated to the marine environment protection. After all we think that would be the best legacy we can give the future generations.

We also would like to thank the big support that we have always received from friends, family and different sponsors to make our little collective dream come true.

Always free.


The Cosmic Children Festival is a tribute to surfing lovers. And since our first edition in 2006 we’ve tried to meet surfers from all ages, making a special effort in bringing the inspiring old pioneers, as they are quite more difficult to find.


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