Cosmic Children 2016 recap

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The 2016 Vissla Cosmic Children Festival is the European part of the global Vissla Cosmic Children 2016 events. These 2 days paid homage to the surf culture of the 70’s and the 80’s and for the first time in history introduced the Shred Your Shape category with Pro and amateur shapers coming from all corners of the globe (France, Spain, UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Canary Islands, Germany, Portugal…).

The natural National park of Liencres, Spain offered the perfect set up for a weekend full of good vibes where everyone from kids to living legends got their fair amount of stoke!

To finish the day and keep the heads banging live music was played, beers were drank and more surfing stories were told until the early hours of the morning, and the Pro Shapers stories started getting more interesting the later it went on….

We can’t wait to see you again next year, we’ll be back, don’t miss it!

Cosmic Children 2016 Final Pro
1. Alex Bauduin (single fin) Tenerife
Boat Trip Mentawai a bordo del King Millenium
2. Jules Noirbusson (twin fin) Francia
3. Jules Langlois (Grommet) Francia
4. Anne Calderon (Girls) Cantabria

Cosmic Children 2016 Final Amateur
1. Asier Ibañez (twin fin) Euskadi
Surf Camp en Maldivas Mango Surf House
2. Yeray Garcia (Single) Lanzarote
3. Hanna Babari (Girls) California
4. Leon Agurruza (Grommet) Fuerteventura

Tag Team Families
Raul, Dani, Nestor y Silvia García (Cantabria)

Pura Vida

Eduardo Chore

Expression Session
Roberto Sanchez

the winners 2016 are

the winners 2016 are

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Single & Retro Sessions
Pro Finalists
1st Alex Bauduin (single fin) Tenerife:  Boat Trip Mentawai in King Millenium
2nd Jules Noirbusson (twin fin) France.
3rd Jules Langlois (Grommet) France: Styling Surfboard custom made.
4th Anne Calderon (Girls) Cantabria
Resultados Cosmic Children 2016
Resultados Cosmic Children 2016
Amateur Finalists
1st Asier Ibañez (twin fin) País Vasco / Surf Camp in Maldivas at Mango Surf House
2nd Yeray Garcia (Single) Lanzarote
3rd Hanna Babari (Girls) California
4th Leon Agurruza (Grommet) Fuerteventura: Vissla  Wetsuit
Shred Your Shape by Vissla
Pros –
1º Yeray Garcia (Lanzarote) La Santa Surfboards: 500€
2º Mark Phipps (Australia) Euroglass: 300€
3º Kevin Olsen (Sudafrica) KO Surfboards: 200 €
4º Marcus Lascelles (Inglaterra) Marcus Shapes: 100 €
Resultados Cosmic Children 2016
1º Jules Noirbusson (Francia): 100 € in Arbuus shaping gear
2º Borja Beraza (Cantabria)
3º Roberto Letemendia (País Vasco)
4º Leon Agurruza (Fuerteventura)
Tag Team Familias by Mercedes-Benz
Raul, Dani, Nestor y Silvia García (Cantabria) – Trip in a Mercedes-Benz Clase V to build their dreamed board to Enjoy Your Surroundings’s workshop with materials provided by Pukas.
Estrambotika Session
1º Roberto Sanchez Ahau, Cantabria: Alaia by Matia Zulberti MW Surfboards
2º Donald Brink, California. Miller Division bag
Torpedos & Mermaids (Bodysurfing)
1º Eduardo Lopez Dóriga – Chore – Cantabria: Handplane and Macho Fins set.
Pura Vida – Carnaval del amor
1º Avatar
2º Zombies
3º Mariachis