Shred Your Shape by Vissla

Shred Your Shape by Vissla

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A new feature this year at the Cosmic Children Festival is the Creators and Innovators Shred Your Shape by Vissla. A new division which invites Pro Shapers to show what they can do on their own craft in their own surf event. Already confirmed are  international shapers from around Europe and abroad such as Donald Brink (California), Taz Yassin (Canary Islands), Christian Bradley (Australia/France), Mark Phipps  (Australia/France) Phil Grace  (Australia/France) , Damien Marly (France), Kinich Ahau (Spain), Kike Panera (Spain), Marcus Lascelles (England) and Matia  Zulberti (Italy), to name just a few with more to come.These Creators & Innovators will ride a craft they shaped themselves inspired by the late 60’s to 90’s time period and will be judged on a mix of performance and style with cash prizes.

The Amateur Shred Your Shape event will be open to anyone that has ever shaped a surfboard, with the only condition being that you must ride your own board. If you have ever shaped a board, come on down and show us what you can do on it! If you have made at least 50% of the board you surf, you are welcome to enter.  There will also be a Creators & Innovators tent where you can demo boards from Donald Brink, Taz, Matia Zulberti and many others.

Pre-register here

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Stocked to receive the first pictures of the youngest shaper amateur that will participate in the Cosmic 2016: Leon Agurruza. 12 years old. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Photos: Raquel Chicheri

COSMIC events around the world

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2016 will be a COSMIC endless summer through the US, Spain, Costa Rica and a few more in the southern hemisphere. These are the countries chosen for the celebration of the different Cosmic’s 2016 presented by Vissla. Retro and experimental surfboards, pure surfing, and the best soundtrack will be their common leitmotif.

Cosmic Creek in Dana Point (California) May 22 to 23: Cosmic events will start in one of the world surfing meccas. Place inhabited by strange human beings with large aquatic skills and many hours surfing on their backs.

Cosmic Children Festival, Santander & Liencres, Spain, June 17 to 19. The soul-surfing fiesta that you wouldn’t like to miss.

Cosmic Hermosa, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, July 2. I will definetely be a Pura Vida event.

3 new Cosmic events will be celebrated this year in some pretty cosmic locations of the Southern Hemisphere. Stay tuned for further updates.

In the next few days we will continue revealing some other big and juicy news.

Hasta la vista.

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