12 editions of Cosmic Children Festival have given much:

  • We brought together 3 generations of European and international inspiring surfers to pay homage to those who began surfing our coasts and gliding with their own-made quivers.
  • We empowered our roots and the values of surf culture. Transferring them to future generations.
  • We gathered some of the most selected shapers and artisans from 5 continents and over 15 countries,  to show the diversity of techniques, shapes, styles, and ways of understanding surfing in our times.
  • 12 yrs surfing with the most primitive boards to the most innovative and disruptive hydrodynamic surfboards ever developed.
  • Dozens of artists, rock bands, and musicians directly connected to the surf scene, played at our Festival. Some anonymous musicians and now great stars.
  • We celebrated our cosmic event and shared its values to some other places around the world.
  • We have shown a sustainable approach to surfing and respect for our marine environment. From awareness raising on all issues affecting our coastlines and marine environment to the cleaners approaches of the surf industry, bringing innovation through more eco-friendly products.

All organizers of the Festival and members of the Cosmic Children Surf Club are thankful for the support we received and very proud to have taken part in this. More than happy for sharing the stoke with the tribe for all these years. These gatherings will surely remain in our memories forever.

13 is not our lucky number so there won’t be a 2018 XIII official edition. This festival brings us cosmic joys but also tons of hours of dedication away from our families, other projects, or surfing. So this year we decided to focus our time in the above, and participating in all actions of Surf & Nature Alliance, the environmental NGO dedicated to the protection of surf breaks and the marine environment in which we are part.

Someday we will return with renewed illusions and cosmic desire to reunite surfer families, dinosaurs and legends, shapers, grommets, sirens, single fin lovers, twinfin, bonzer and alaia beasts, rock and roll and beach party animals. If the stars are realigned, next stop might be in June next year.

To be continued!

Check out our 2017 edition:


Cosmic World Tour 2016

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